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Free Home Learning Project Support for Parents

Schools throughout the country are posting Home Learning resources for parents to teach their children at home during the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in while we try to control the spread of the Covid - 19 virus. I have seen a lot posting the same #TheLearningProject by Robin Hood MAT. I have looked at this and find it to be a great resource that I will follow along with my own ideas with my children.

I am a fully qualified teacher with 16 years teaching experience (10yrs as class teacher 6yrs as a Primary DT teacher/ consultant). I command the respect of sometimes 90 pupils a day however I'm sure my own children are deaf to the sound of my voice! I have discussed this point with other parents and I have gathered strong evidence to say that children definitely are selectively deaf to us! Now, I could evidence this but lets face it we've got to pull it together tomorrow and attempt to teach / entertain our kids through this self isolation when they, and us, are climbing the walls to be let out! So while I'm in the position of being an out of work freelance teacher and being thrust into the position of Home Educator I thought I'd offer my support to other parents to try and make this experience meaningful, mindful and educational for us all. Or just offer virtaul support to get us through it! So follow my kids and I on this journey and buckle up for the next few weeks and lets see where it takes us!

Please share with friends and together we'll get through it...

(Please drink responsibly during this time... lets face it it's got to last us who knows how long!)

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