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Glorious Gardens! We hope...

Now I'm not very green fingered … my husband calls me plant killer... but I think its because I work so hard I don't have time to look after plants. Some weeks I can barely look after myself! So making the most of being off work and the weather being kind to us at last yesterday we headed out to get some fresh air and to plant up our hanging baskets.

After the disaster of "playtime" on day one I felt they needed more focus out there. On Monday they went out side for playtime and within minutes were arguing so loudly I could hear them in the house. I ran out to break it up and found them arguing over the swing... we have two, but of course they both wanted the same one!!!! GRRRR!!!

We filled all our hanging baskets ready for the seedlings to be planted out and used fruit juice and milk cartons as plant trays for the seeds to go on the window ledge for germination. (Bit of Science there)

We have some flower seeds and fruit and veg like tomatoes, carrots and herbs ready for the food section in our #TheLearningproject.

Now if you haven't planned this and obvs we can't leave the house to get compost etc there is a garden centre (Bridgewater Garden Centre on Facebook) who are delivering to homes local to Runcorn.

Small businesses need our support right now more than ever.

There are also many things you can grow from the food you have in the house. Things like potatoes, peppers, spring onions... all sorts just google it!

Happy planting!

Fingers crossed I don't kill them!

The plants... not the kids! haha

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