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Morning Maths!

So my plan here is keeping mental recall of number facts going.

So for Arley that means rapid recall of number bonds to 10, 20 and 100, double and half and learn times tables for 2,5 and 10.

I am doing this through using games as much as possible. I want to keep it fun! I have some number cards, dice, dominoes, card games and games that involve both addition and subtraction calculations to work out the score like #Ratuki by #Hasbro.

If you don't have cards you can make them. I have some laminated ones pictured that have partitioning and number bonds on them (e.g. 7 on one side 3 on the other). Now don't think I'm super Mum or anything I made them when I was class teacher and I dug them out of the loft on Sunday! Paper ones will do and take minutes to make!

We also are doing a small amount of written calculation methods and are using the classroom secrets pack his school have sent. I was quite impressed that it has been easy to follow and with visual representations.

For Autumn (Y4) it means securing her rapid recall of all times tables. Now this is the bane of Autumn's life anyway! She is a clever girl but whenever I ask her to learn the tables we have strops... I mean teenage strops! So I went on Twinkl (It's free at the moment) and downloaded some fortune tellers and games. We started with a times table wheel challenge and I timed how long it took her to complete each wheel. she has now been given the challenge to beat her scores next week which can only be done if she practices. If she improves by the agreed amount or more she will get rewarded. (Bribery lol)

We are also working through the classroom secrets work school have provided which again are good. We did adding 3 digit numbers yesterday and today we did coordinates. Only about 15mins of this a day and rest of the time we played the games together.

My plan is, if I keep it fun they will want to do more and I will stay sane!

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